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Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Partnership

More than 60% of premature deaths globally are directly connected to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Furthermore, these chronic diseases disproportionately affect the economically disadvantaged around the world, with 80% of all NCD deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries.

NCDs, also known as chronic diseases, include cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases. South Africa has made significant investments in NCD efforts, although a much greater focus is needed in the management of these types of diseases.

In 2011, Lilly, in partnership with Project Hope and the Donald Woods Foundation, embarked on two pilot programmes to help address the burden of NCDs in South Africa. These initiatives are part of Lilly's global NCD programme focuses on supporting capacity building within the government's primary healthcare sector through the training of community health workers in Zandspuit, Gauteng, as well as setting up a data-capturing system in the Eastern Cape - one of the poorest provinces in South Africa.

On 8th November 2012 the South African arm of Lilly's US$30 million global initiative towards tackling NCDs was launched. This launch marked the South African commencement of Lilly's five-year NCD Partnership programme, geared towards combating the increasing burden of NCDs upon developing nations. Nevertheless, with an initial focus set on improving the outcomes for people with diabetes in Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa.